Alpacas are quickly becoming a vital livestock choice for farms across the country. Alpacas grow thick fiber (like sheep fleece), which is clipped or shorn each year. This fiber is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful and most luxurious natural materials.  Alpaca fiber is as soft as cashmere, and it is warmer, lighter, and stronger than wool. It comes in more colors than any other fiber producing animal (approximately 22 primary colors with many variations and blends). This cashmere-like fleece, once reserved for Incan royalty, is now enjoyed by spinners and weavers around the world.

Alpacas are farm-friendly. They are easy to care for and only require a few acres of land to survive and thrive. They eat grass or hay. A single bale of hay (60lbs) is usually enough for 20 alpacas each day. Alpacas tread lightly on the ground with soft padded toes much like a dog’s foot. Alpacas only nibble at the tops of grasses and do not rip plants from the soil.

Alpacas make perfect sense for today’s environmentally friendly farm. Along with their modest eating habits, protection of the pasture and small grazing area, they make correct organic fertilizer that is easy to spread or compost. Their fleece is hypoallergenic and contains no grease.

There are many different ways to own alpacas.  A small group of three makes a beautiful pet group and only requires ½ an acre of pasture for grazing. Larger groups need an acre per 8-10 animals. Sometimes owners choose to board their animals at larger farms.

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